A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Survive—or thrive—for 24 hours in this post-apocalyptic, interactive fiction game set in Snoqualmie Falls, 6 months after the Swarm.

Help or hinder your fellow survivors to build and tear apart relationships. Uncover the mystery behind the terrible creatures roaming the woods.

  • Three story branches
  • 15 possible endings
  • Turn-based text combat

WARNING: Some adult language and themes, tonally consistent with a T for Teen rating

Creative Team

The first visual novel from Team Tripelle!

  • Lacy J. — Character Art, Writing & Scenarios
  • Lucia A. — Creature/Props/Backgrounds Art, Writing & Scenarios
  • Lindsay L.M. Implementation, UI, Writing & Scenarios.

Built with love for NaNoRenO 2016!

  • Original art & stories
  • Relationship tracking
  • Tons of variations and choices
  • ~30 minutes of first-time gameplay per story branch
  • ~25,000 words

Install instructions

Download the distribution appropriate to your platform.

Unzip the zipped package to any drive.

Double click on the "Just Another Day in Paradise" executable (dawn/insect icon), found in the unzipped folder.

Enjoy the spine-tingling adventure!


Just Another Day in Paradise - v1.1 (Linux) 65 MB
Just Another Day in Paradise - v1.1 (Win) 62 MB
Just Another Day in Paradise - v1.1 (Mac) 61 MB


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That was a neat little game, made me want to see more set in this universe! I liked the characters and there was plenty of choices to warrant replays (which I will be doing til I've seen everything, ha). Overall very nicely done, great job!

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Hi folks! We've just released version 1.1! This is our "final" version!

No more plans for updates unless we run into any critical uncaught issues.

If you downloaded the game prior to Friday, 15/Apr at 11:00 AM PST, please consider re-downloading this new version.


  • Split into three files (Win, Linux, Mac) to reduce download time and storage file size for y'all
  • Fixed several major issues with Charlotte's mini-games
  • Fixed several major issues with the Discovery endings and mini-games
  • Fixed several display issues throughout
  • Fixed typos throughout

Thanks for playing! <3

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Please join us TOMORROW (Saturday, 9/Apr) at Noon (PST) for a Let's Play of "Just Another Day" on Lacy's Twitch.TV Channel, Zoro4Me3.

The three of us will provide the clicking and post-apocalyptic fashions, you provide the choices!

Also, please consider re-downloading the game if you got it before 8 PM Friday, 8/Apr! We just released a new version with some polishing and bug fixes. As always, let us know if you encounter anything weird and we're more than happy to fix it. Thanks for playing!

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We've fixed a couple crash problems! If you had an issue before, please try re-downloading the file, and your issue will hopefully be fixed.

Please let us know in the comments if you experience any bugs, and we'll get right on fixing them! Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy.